Thought on a Wednesday Evening in January

Posted on December 4th, by Chris Morgan in Poetry. No Comments

This is another poem inspired by the lonely misery of living in Vancouver in the early 90s.


The city is full of people and I don’t know any of them

I wonder if any of them know each other

Or does anybody know anybody at all?


The ceaseless rain clouds the bay and brings down my brain

The traffic flows; an endless river of steel, glass and plastic

As the poplulation rush toward their safe little individual boxes

In the concrete towers that clutter the landscape

Like so many blades of grass emerging from the floor

Of a sodden field that once was dense forest full of life


And in those boxes, high in the sky, what goes on, I wonder

Solitary people switching on the sox o’clock news

Quiz shows, gossip programmes, sickly soaps and dramas

The window to the outside world has no curtains

And cannot be opened; only switched on and off at will

Is somebody planning a murder while another plans how to get rich?


While still two more souls make love in a desperate bid to beat loneliness

And merge two souls together in a sweaty, frustrated, pounding act

Of pumping grinding exercise

That results in a few seconds of climactic bliss

Before the moment has passed

And surely they must part to light a cigarette

Then contemplate how good they were

Or the loneliness that still lies within

Unbeaten and unable to be ignored

By such a shallow and half-hearted attempt at perfect union

That all humanity strives for


Where are we without others?

Lost in fear, loneliness, longing

What have we if we only have ourselves?

We’d love somebody to call on us and brighten a bleak moment

To reassure us; though we would act so self-assured from the start

To agree with us and make us viable; worthwhile in what we think and feel

We know we’re ok, we know where it’s at, and all of that

But we crave assurance from somebody, anybody

That we’re not going insane.


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