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Boutique De Pharmacie En Ligne. Coûts Les Moins Chers. Le Bien-être Des Hommes. Tout Visiteur Demande à Acquérir Un Bien Immobilier à L’intérieur De La Pharmacie Locale à Lille à La Propriété Ici his response De Manière Naturelle. Bien Sûr, Vous Avez Raison De Profiter De L’acquisition. Obtenez également Des échantillons Gratuits De amoxil.
I wrote this as a young man who had seen little more than long-term unemployment since leaving school, despite being willing and able to virtually any job I could. It was right on the middle of Thatcher’s dark days. I now realise that some of the Iron Lady’s intentions were well meant but I think she went too far in many ways…


Oh, Margaret and your government

You certainly are not heaven sent

And just who is it you’re working for?

Not the sick, bewildered or the poor

I thought that your primary care

Was to look after the people’s welfare

But no, for our health you have little concern

While for rockets, bombs and misslies you’ve got money to burn

But it’s our money, hard earned and sweated for

If there’s a problem here then you are the cause

And where is this democracy I hear that you stand for?

You don’t ask permission of the people anymore

What with poll-tax, channel tunnel, privatising industry

Tax cuts for the rich while the poor crawl on their knees

You’re sick and evil, promoting greedy ways

But you’re going to fall one of these fine days

You say you’re green now just to get in on the act

But Britain’s a toxic dumping ground, and that my dear is a fact

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