Reflections on Today

Posted on December 4th, by Chris Morgan in Poetry. No Comments

I wrote this back in the early 90s and it’s as true today, 20 years later, as it was then


Be honest, sincere and kind

Thats’ the way to get along

Be humble, have integrity

Be quietly strong


Oh the words of truth and wisdom

That are passed from father to son

Are losing their meaning today

In a world where crime is the song


Violent acts, wrought out of anguish,

Desperation or love

Corruption at all levels

No thought of God above


There goes a fifty thousand pound car

With a cocky young guy at the wheel

So how did he get the money

Did he beg, borrow or steal?


Life is becoming harder

For the honest and pure of heart

While conmen, thieves and tricksters

Have blown all morals apart

Coming in and taking

Just as much as they like

You have to guard everything these days

Be it old car, house or bike


Now the politicians have sold us

To the European State

Blindly throwing our money away

At most alarming rates


Gouge, gouge, gouge

Is all they seem to do

And not one of those bastards

Has anything to say that’s new


While they sit in lavish hotel lounges

Over sumptuous ten course dinners

The food bank queue gets longer and longer

And an old homeless man shivers


Wondering what became of his life

And if he’ll survive the season

He huddles for warmth in a vacant doorway

And drinks his bottle of distilled reason


So while we sleep in our beds

Snug and safe and warm

Let’s be thankful for what we have

Because it’s certainly not the norm


Two thirds of this world scrape by in povery

Starving and diseased

While our problems and worries

Are over mortgages, taxes and fees


We know this world is not perfect

But the thoughts we have in our heads

Can change things when put into action

Think about that tonight in your bed


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