The Mall

Posted on November 2nd, by Chris Morgan in Featured, Poetry. No Comments

From late 1989 to mid 1991 I worked in shopping malls in Vancouver, Canada. Awful places, retail palaces that seemed to be very popular.

Colossal colossus of colliding creatures crawling

Caged and colourful, clasping, grasping, guzzling and gouging

Hawk-eyed for the bargain or just the gain

Wheelchairs and battery cars, crutches and limps

Young and old and fit and sick

Black and white and brown and yellow all come together

Hundred hues, a seething mass teetering on the brink

A place to go

The place to be

See and be seen

This is shopping

This is sick

                                                                                                                                                January 19 1990

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