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In 1996 I went to Cordoba, Spain on a two week student exchange programme. I had never been to Spain before and instantly fell in love with everything I saw, ate, drank and felt for the place. I didn’t speak more than a handful of  words, but I knew I wanted to live in this wonderfully colourful, vibrant, tantalising country with its passionate, fiery, hot-blooded people and traditions, tinged with a great underlying sadness of impoverished struggle and a brutally violent, turbulent but nontheless rich history. When I realised I could become an English teacher and live and work almost anywhere in the world I jumped at the chance. Since 1999 I have lived and taught English and worked as a translator and interpretor in Seville, probably the most typically Spanish city in all of Spain. In that time I have also learned Andalusian Spanish, a regional version of Castellano, pretty well the same but with a heavy accent and a propensity for missing off the end of words. It is said that if you learn Spanish in Andalusia you will understand it everywhere it is spoken. So I have both taught a language and learned a language, which means I know what it’s like to be both teacher and student. This knowledge enables me to teach either language, and so, I offer here the opportunity to learn either English or Spanish as well as a translation and interpretation service.

Teaching Methodology

Forget those dreaded French classes at school, I won’t bombard you with the boring grammar bits, (though some grammar is essential to learn!). I will teach you to communicate in the language in a fun, interactive way concentrating on pronunciation, after all, being understood is probably the most important part of any communication!   I also offer the chance of guided cultural visits to Seville (or Manchester for those doing English courses) at the end of your course, thus giving you the chance to put into practice what you’ve learned.

Spanish and English Courses

All courses will be tailored to individual needs depending on previous knowledge. If you want to learn more quickly, courses can be intensive comprising three 90 minute classes a week for two, three or four weeks. For those preferring to learn at a more leisurely pace you can choose one or two 90 minute classes a week until you and I both feel confident that you’ve reached your objectives.            

Course Content: What will I learn?  

You will learn the basics of: Alphabet, Numbers, The verbs; be, have and do in *present simple and continuous, positive and negative. Past simple and continuous, positive and negative. Present perfect  and continuous positive and negative. Lots of vocabulary relating to travel, food and drink and useful adjectives to describe things. Useful expressions of greeting, ordering things, asking about things, expressing like and dislike. Telling the time   *Don’t let this grammar tense terminology confuse you if you are not familiar with it, it’s really very simple and will be clearly explained!   The goal of the courses is to enable you to speak a basic bit of the language confidently and in a way that you will be understood.

Cultural Visits.   Seville

You’ll be guided through one of the most beautiful and certainly the largest (now only partially) walled city in Europe. Take in its bewildering labyrinth of ancient, twisting narrow streets while generally avoiding the usual tourist traps! Nibble exquisite dishes in the best tapas places the city has to offer, sip cold beer in the off beat bars of the Alameda, hopefully see some spontaneous flamenco break out in some back street bar of Triana district and marvel at the colossal cathedral with its Giralda tower, the single most emblematic monument of this medieval city. And you’ll do it all in Spanish!   Prices are dependant on your choice of accomodation and the extent to which you choose to eat and drink!

 Translation/Interpretation Service

As an English teacher it is very common to be asked to translate documents into English and do the occassional interpretation job. In my 15 years in Seville I have worked in both capacities, usually for government organisations or large corporations. I am both experienced and comfortable working with people in large corporations and government organisations and always relish a challenge.


Chris is an easy-going and open-minded teacher, highly engaged with his students’ learning, quite responsible and very friendly. He also has an excellent sense of humour, which makes his classes enjoyable and easy to follow. I do recommend him without any doubt! 

Mar Gómez González

Internal Communications

Verificaciones Industriales de Andalucía, S.A.

The classes with Chris were great. Apart from being a good teacher, with him the classes are made enjoyable. He is a fun, responsible and very professional person. Another aspect to highlight is his patience with students and his sense of humour. As I say, the classes were very entertaining and thanks to them I manage to let go a little more when it comes to using my English on my frequent travels. Without doubt, I recommend Chris as a teacher… You won’t regret it!    

Antonio Sánchez González

Quality and Integrated Management System Manager 

Verificaciones Industriales de Andalucía, S.A.

For further details contact me at Where can i buy azithromycin in australia   

English Courses

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