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I love food; cooking it, eating it; at home and out in our growing number of eateries. Gone are the days of only eating out on those ‘special occasions’ in the only restaurant around. I’m sure we all remember the days when the only place to go to have a break from the hot stove was the local Beefeater steak resaurants or the Indian or Chinese restaurants that sprang up everywhere in the 70s. Unfortunately, the choice was always rather limited and it’s really no wonder that on the continent English cusine still has a terrible reputation as something to be avoided at all costs! A lesson in how reputations last a long time, especially when they’re awarded from overseas by people who might not have visited our shores for 2 or more decades.

Thankfully, these days we have more varieties of food on offer in our cities, towns and villages than ever before. From gourmet versions of tradtional fish and chips and the now modern classic, love ’em or hate ’em – Donner Kebabs, right through to the finest in Haute Cuisine and a growing variety of amazing ethnic cuisines gracing our shores from the welcome influx of immigrants from around the globe bringing us a taste of their diverse culinary delights to whet our appetites and put us in our rightful place as a country with a well and truly Cosmopolitan  cuisine.

When I’ve eaten something that I enjoyed I am going to share it  on here so these new pioneers of food excellence can receive the recognition and publicity they truly deserve.


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