A deli-cious lunch at Deli Boys, Knutsford

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A deli-cious lunch at Deli Boys, Knutsford

This last Saturday we were entertaining a friend from Australia who’d been over for our recent wedding. It was her last day before heading back Down Under to a guaranteed sunnier climate. The Cheshire morning was a typical grey one with thick clouds overhead and the threat of rain never far away. We decided to go on a little motoring jaunt to show her the lovely town of Knutsford via the beautiful village of nearby Great Budworth.

Once in Knutsford we parked in the big pay and display and started in towards the town centre. Before we had gone more than a few steps down Tatton Street we noticed a place on the other side of the road that looked like a possibility for a bit of lunch – Deli Boys – we crossed over to peruse the menu on the door. There was a mouthwatering array of sandwiches, wraps, soup of the day, a range of deli platters and breakfast ciabattas. As we were looking at one another with expressions that said “shall we try it?” the door opened and a red haired chap in an apron stood there and in a broad Bolton accent cheekily told us that this was the best place to eat in Knutsford and we’d regret it if we didn’t give it a go. I later found out this was Martin who runs the place with Mark and Lizzie, all blessed with lovely Bolton accents; easily influenced, we went in.

Once inside, the rough hewn wooden tables and chairs instantly put one in mind of a French, Spanish or Italian cafe shop. There are wooden crates piled on their sides packed with pasta, polenta, olives, flavoured gourmet olive oils while a host of other Mediterranean cured meats, salad and antipasti style delicacies filled the display fridges. The waitress, Lizzie, came and took our drinks order. Our Aussie friend ordered an espresso, my wife a Coke, which came in a big 330ml glass bottle – not one of those tiny little 200ml bottles that wouldn’t quench the thirst of a gnat. I ordered a good old English Vimto which came in a great retro style glass bottle and a glass with ice for me to pour my own, again, a proper thirst quenching drink!

We ordered two platters from the menu, a Hunstman’s board and a Cheshire Ploughman’s. The Huntsman’s board came with a choice of 3 or 5 meats. We ordered the 3 meat option which was speck-a type of Italian proscuitto, salami and Spanish chorizo served with a little bowl of very good creamy humous and lightly toasted crusty bread. The Cheshire Ploughman’s came with an absolutely superb half pork and apple pie, three slices of what I call proper ham-full of flavour, a great wedge of extraordinarily good cheese (Cheshire, I think, judging from its crumbliness)   some tomato, cucumber, chopped yellow pepper, sliced gherkins, amazing olives and more of the crusty, lightly toasted bread. Everything was delicious and obviously made with top notch,

high quality ingredients. If you fancy a light bite or something more substancial you really wont be disappointed with a visit to the Deli Boys in Knutsford, Martin, Mark and Lizzie are sure to give you a very warm welcome in their lovely Bolton accents

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  1. Hi,

    Its Mark from Deli Boys. Thank you for the fantastic article on your website. It really means alot to us that you would go to the trouble to give us such a positive write up. We are so glad that you all enjoyed and had a positive experience. Hopefully see you again next time you visit Knutsford.


    Mark Ackers

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