The Coming Cold

Posted on December 13th, by Chris Morgan in Poetry. No Comments

Another despondent poem written in my dark days in Vancouver.

I don’t know what it is

But there’s a feeling in the air

It seems that these days

Nobody wants to care


People are getting weird, cold and hard

The news is getting sadder every day

I’m battling non-stop with my soul

I try to see the bright side but a cloud’s in the way


Am I alone in this despondent gloom?

I am the only one feeling impending doom?

Is this heavy sinking feeling only in my soul?

Or is it just the coming cold?


I gaze out over stormy seas

Just to take my mind away

To erase and disslolve completely

The futilities of my day

The endless wonderings and questionings of life

The boss I hate and the money I make

The morning are colder and the leaves are falling

The devil’s in control and God’s stopped calling  

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