Christmas Present

Posted on December 13th, by Chris Morgan in Poetry. No Comments

In the 20 years since I wrote this it seems that very little has changed!


Christmas is coming and I haven’t got a bean

I dread to think of the Christmas morning scene

I don’t have a job, I’m on the dole

My debts are enormous and I’m really in the hole

The kids see all the toys advertised on t.v

And with expectant, hopeful faces they look to me

But the price of all these toys today

Is beyond my means, I just can’t pay

It’s a terrible time of year for me and my wife

We want to give our kids the best in life

They see all the other kids with all the latest gear

We don’t know where to turn in the season of cheer

I’ve tried to tell them what Christmas really means

About God and Jesus, not rubbish on t.v

It’s not about presents, tinsel and flashing lights

It’s about the saviour of mankind born on that special night

So they understand now that it’s not about toys and wealth

It’s about being thankful for real things like family, love and health

And caring for each other in a Christian way

That’s the way we’ll celebrate on Christmas day


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