My grandfather was a jazz pianist. He had studied the piano up to the point where his teacher told him he couldn’t teach him any more. My grandmother sold his piano for £10 when we all moved in together and so I never had the chance of learning the piano but I credit my love of music to my grandpa.

When I was around 18 and saw an advert for a vocalist in the “musicians wanted” section of the local paper I rang up, went for an audition in a scout hut and got the gig!

As the very 80s sounding “Mystique Moves” we played quite a few gigs in and around Manchester but just came short of fame and fortune!

Since then I have been in bands in both Canada (no name and no gigs!) and Spain, (The Strains – lots of gigs in Seville)  finally hanging up my mic about 4 years ago.

On this page are all the various demos I sang on over those years, starting with

Mystique Moves – The Demos. (1983-1987, I think!)


Next up is The Strains. This band was quite international; English vocals and guitars, Swedish bass and Spanish drummer.


Then we recorded a 10 track album which we imaginatively called Ten! Unfortunately it was never mastered…


About 3 or 4 years ago I collaborated with Andrzej Galan. He recorded, produced and played on 3 of my compositions. I called that collaboration Sunsoaked-The website and business name was borne out of that. These are the songs:


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