Sound is all around us. There aren’t many who don’t like at least one type of music and we collect it digitally in massive quantities!

As a music lover I wanted to get involved in producing some kind of music from an early age; I played the trombone at school and was progressing quite nicely with it until the day my brother sat on it while it lay on my bed. It snapped at the place where the two halves join and had to be sent away for repairs. It took so long to repair it that by the time I got it back I had lost interest and that was the end of my foray into brass bands!

I, like many young men, had the desire to be a rock star when I was in my late teens and joined a band. In all I sang in 3 bands in England, Canada and then Spain. All the recordings of hope-filled demo tapes are here in the Music section.

In the Voicework section you’ll find my voicereel demo. A variety of characters and accents that I recorded to try and break into radio drama. Isn’t that what all failed rock stars do, in the end?!




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