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I left school when I was 16 and got a lousy job working in the permanently damp cellar of an old terraced house that operated as an insurance office. Surrounded by a dozen old filing cabinets overstuffed with mildewed files I soon became disillusioned with the work I had been assigned; filing! To ease the monotony I started writing despondent poetry-this was Thatcher’s Britain in 1982 and opportunities were scarce, hope was at a low and the future seemed very dull indeed. Around this time, maybe a little later, I discovered the poetry of  the very brilliant John Cooper Clarke and was enormously inspired by his work. I’ve been writing poetry and song lyrics on and off ever since.

The following are poems written over the last 31 years. They appear in no chronological order.

Memories of the Tour de France (Yorkshire Style!)

Back in July I had the rare pleasure... Of crossing them moors in the Yorkshire weather.... A bike race, they said, was coming this way.... They’d started in... Read More »

On a Wet and Miserable Day

I remember writing this, I was at a real low point in Vancouver. I don't think I had ever felt so completely lonely and... Read More »

The Coming Cold

Another despondent poem written in my dark days in Vancouver. Read More »


InNovember 1994 I went on a Nepalese trekking adventure with my good friend the artist Phil Dutton. We spent the first few days in Kathmandu and as it was... Read More »

Christmas Present

In the 20 years since I wrote this it seems that very little has changed! Read More »


I wrote this as a frank and honest portrait of my Nan's life 8 years before she died. She never really got over the sudden death of my grandpa... Read More »

Thoughts on a Wednesday Evening in January

This is another poem inspired by the lonely misery of living in Vancouver in the early 90s. Read More »

My Death?

I went through some very bleak and unhappy times while I was living in Vancouver in the early 90s. Some of that unhappiness and disillusionment came out in... Read More »

Reflections on Today

Written 20 years ago but just as valid today... Read More »


I'm sure we can all relate to this one... Read More »

Chinatown Fishmongers

When I lived there,Vancouver's Chinatown was the second biggest in North America (after San Francisco's)I'd never really been in it to see all the very weird and wonderful... Read More »


I wrote this as a young man who had seen little more than long-term unemployment since leaving school Read More »


I wrote this while working in a factory in Broadheath, Altrincham in 1989. I couldn't believe that gritty, oily, noisy world still existed and wanted to describe it in... Read More »

The Mall

From late 1989 to mid 1991 I worked in shopping malls in Vancouver, Canada. Awful places, retail palaces that seemed to be very popular. Read More »


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