Many years ago, inspired by my good friend, the painter and stained glass artist, Phil Dutton, I bought a few oil paints and brushes. I found a bit of old hardboard in the garage and set about trying to paint a bleak Welsh landscape from a photo I’d taken. I was surprisingly happy with the result and painted another picture. This time I just played with a few shapes and ended up with a series of alien looking beings in crash helmets. Again, I was quite happy with the result, more for the fact that I’d just created something that had never been seen before, rather than for its artistic merit!

Over the years I’ve dabbled at painting, mainly abstract work, and although the results aren’t always that pleasing I really enjoy doing it and I think that’s what really counts.

The paintings here are the result of many hours of dabbling over very many years.



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El Especiero

From the Spanish “the spicer of food” this was the name of a friend’s bar in Seville and I painted it from a photo I...


Starting life as an abstract watercolour this attractive woodland scene soon emerged.

Out of this World

Watercolour depicting a colourful alien family complete with dog.

The Road to Salvation

Pencil sketch abstract.


An early abstract in watercolour – the title is due to the fact that each colour is depicted in 9 shapes.

Penguin abstract

Watercolour, penguin shape abstract


My second ever oil painting began life as an abstract image but the image you see soon emerged. I’m not sure if they are...

Abstract with Window

Another abstract oil on canvas where I was experimenting with form and colour.

Ian and Joseph sledging in Shaw Heath Park

This was painted from a photo I took of a friend sledging with another friend’s son in Shaw Heath Park in Stockport in about...


An abstract result of messing with colours and shapes. I’ve been told it reminds people of South America or Mexico.

38 Farholme Lane, Stacksteads, Bacup, Lancs

Todo el mundo puede pedir medicamentos de bajo costo para los dolores de cabeza en la farmacia Pittsburgh en línea rápidamente … Sí,...


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